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This terrifying dashcam footage of TransAsia Airways flight GE235 was captured by a commuter just after the plane took off from the Taipei Songshan Airport. Moments after the take off, the flight violently crashes into the Keelung River where it landed upside down and in 2 pieces. There were 53 passengers and 5 crew on board at the time of takeoff.  […]
The C-130 “Fat Albert” of the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron performs a jet assisted takeoff during the Miramar NAS Air Show on August 16, 1997. The Navy plane and the rest of the squadron are no longer in service due to budget cuts in 2013.
Video footage of the final moments of an Iceland air ambulance veering towards the earth before crashing and exploding into a ball of fire. The crashed occurred August 5, 2013 but the video footage has not been released till now. Three people were on board the flight, two were killed. Miraculously the co-pilot managed to […]