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We all have those friends who shouldn’t be handle guns; no training, no common sense and no clue how to use them. In this video which is collection of firearm “newbies”, you witness the delight of watching people fail at handling and firing guns. This video is a pure testament to people who want to become a firearm hobbyist but […]
With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taking the internet by storm, it’s only a matter of time before you see a failed challenge. Watch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ‘Murica style The Riley brothers show you exactly how it’s done! Maybe next time you should dad to do your dirty work. Learn how the ice bucket challenge started over at Time.
Indiana college freshman fails at pronouncing “Achilles” to win 1 million dollars. In the final round, the student incorrectly guessed “On-the-Spot Dicespin” instead of the correct phrase, which was “On-the-Spot Decision”. This has to be the biggest and most expensive fail in Wheel of Fortune history.
Anti-gun State Senator (D-Los Angeles, CA) Kevin de Leon failed to demonstrate his new gun control bill named SB808 which would require anyone who assembles a homemade firearm to undergo a background check and register the weapon. I should point out that A “ghost gun” generally refers to a firearm that doesn’t have a serial number or a […]
EFO skeptics attended an Empty Force open demonstration in Barcelona to seek answers about the martial art. EFO is a martial art philosophy in which students believe they can control an opponent without physical contact through breathing and relaxation. To me it sounds like a kung fu cult. Watch for yourself and comment below.