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It’s fare estimate to say the NFL broadcasts has improved greatly over the past decade, from improved television graphics to higher quality cameras broadcasting in high definition. One of the greatest improvements has been the addition of the broadcast first down marker aka “the yellow line”. What does the yellow line represent? The yellow line represents where the offensive […]
#1 Budweiser | Lost Dog We kick off the best super bowl commercials of 2015 with the king of super bowl commercials; Budweiser’s “Lost Dog“; an emotional story of friendship. In the commercial the golden retriever puppy gets lost, the Clydesdale horses find the lost puppy when it comes face to face with a wolf, […]
Remember the movie The Matrix? The future of instant replay in sports is going to look much like the movie. The proprietary freeD™ technology, which stands for Free Dimensional Video, captures sporting events in 3 dimensional pixels giving instant replay a unique look.
Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks stars in the powerful Duracell commercial titled Trust Your Power. Derrick Coleman (#40)  has been deaf since 3 yrs. old and was not selected in the 2012 NFL draft. Derrick Coleman was signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2012 and now plays for the Seattle Seahawks. […]