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In this hilarious Saturday Night Live skit from 2004 (episode 29) Lindsay Lohan plays a mature “Hermione Granger”, putting a sexy twist on this SNL Harry Potter sketch. When the wizards of Hogwarts Academy return from summer vacation they’re shocked by Hermione’s summer growth spurt. When the video starts Harry Potter asks Hermione how her summer was? Her reply? “Boring. […]
The Got Milk advertising campaign is probably one of the best advertising campaigns of all time.  This commercial features supposed executives trying to come up with a name for their cookie.
A UK comedy sketch written by Ben Adams & David Spearing poking fun at the new 5p manatory grocery bag fee in the UK. Neighboring country Wales started charging 5p per bag in 2011 and saw a 71% drop in the number plastic bags used by customers.  There has been a growing concern over the amount of […]
Windows loves to push update notifications to our computers to let us know that an update is ready to install. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is pushing old Windows versions to make the leap to the latest version of Windows. In this video, KCCI 8 News in Des Moines, IA finds out the hard way just […]
Earlier in the week I posted the Banned Australian condom commercial, but when I saw this video from Skittles I almost lost my lunch laughing so hard. No pun intended. Check out Banned Skittles Commercials page for more funny banned Skittles commercials.
Damion’s appearance on Take Me Out (a dating show in the United Kingdom) was nothing short of pure awkwardness. The objective of Take Me Out is for a single man to obtain a date with one of thirty single women. During the show the women essentially back out if they are not interesting in dating the male contestant. This is […]
Indiana college freshman fails at pronouncing “Achilles” to win 1 million dollars. In the final round, the student incorrectly guessed “On-the-Spot Dicespin” instead of the correct phrase, which was “On-the-Spot Decision”. This has to be the biggest and most expensive fail in Wheel of Fortune history.