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Two wild kangaroos in Australia were recently caught on camera engaging in a street fight. According to animal experts, this behavior usually occurs among males fighting over a female or acting in self-defense.
With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taking the internet by storm, it’s only a matter of time before you see a failed challenge. Watch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ‘Murica style The Riley brothers show you exactly how it’s done! Maybe next time you should dad to do your dirty work. Learn how the ice bucket challenge started over at Time.
As computer technologies continue to grow, old technology becomes part of our past. Not only have computers gotten more complex but so has functionality. In this video, the youth of today take a look old computers and react to how they worked.
Remember when Kanye West ruined Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech in 2009? President Barack Obama does and here’s what he said about his rant on live television. “He’s a jackass!” What President Obama didn’t know is that his mic was on and the camera crew caught the comment. You can see after he mentions Kanye he indicates to […]
Indiana college freshman fails at pronouncing “Achilles” to win 1 million dollars. In the final round, the student incorrectly guessed “On-the-Spot Dicespin” instead of the correct phrase, which was “On-the-Spot Decision”. This has to be the biggest and most expensive fail in Wheel of Fortune history.