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In this video taken June 4th of 1992, Bernie Sanders attacks both the Republican and Democrat parties for “not knowing what’s going on with the American people!“. When this video was taken, many Americans believed the US defense spending was extremely high and needed to be dialed back. The US ended the Gulf War in February […]
2 Chainz is one of the hottest rappers in music today, with over 10 years of hard work and not breaking the scene till after 30, he’s starting to see the benefits of his success. On of those benefits is appearing on talk shows such as Nancy Grace. In this video clip the two argue […]
Anti-gun State Senator (D-Los Angeles, CA) Kevin de Leon failed to demonstrate his new gun control bill named SB808 which would require anyone who assembles a homemade firearm to undergo a background check and register the weapon. I should point out that A “ghost gun” generally refers to a firearm that doesn’t have a serial number or a […]
This video footage from a drone shows the devastating damage of a nearly 5-year-old Syrian civil war. The videos were shot by news crews for the Russia Today network and a Russian drone filming company, Russia Works.
Kiev, the capital of Ukraine has been the epicenter of two months of protests against President Viktor Yanukovych that have grown increasingly violent this week. Watch as the police dodge molotov cocktails thrown from angry and violent Ukrainian protesters. Vice has some excellent coverage of the protests, make sure to watch Ukraine Rising (Part 1) and Ukraine Rising […]